Brookfield Soccer Academy Program

Academy win eg may 2016

Brookfield Soccer Association offers an Academy Soccer program to include U8, U9 and U10 soccer teams.   Players in these age groups  have the choice of joining a fall Academy team or a fall BSA recreational team.

The BSA Academy program will offer players the opportunity to learn the game from a licensed coach and to play for BSA against other local community teams participating in the new Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) Academy program.  This program will provide a higher level of player development for players interested in an advanced development model.  Team play dates with other clubs will be coordinated through WYSA.
BSA will be holding an Open-House for any rec. soccer player having interest playing for BSA’s Academy Program. Starting in the fall for the 2017/2018 soccerseason, BSA’s Academy Program will include 2008-2011 boys and girls. The Open-House allows BSA’s staff coaches an opportunity to identify players within our rec. program that may be a good fit for future play in BSA’s Academy Program. We have scheduled the following dates for 2008-2011 boys and girls to come together for one night of small sided soccer. Player’s will play several games of 4v4 (2011/2010), or 7v7 (2009/2008) depending on which age they fall. 

2011/2010 Boys – Mon, Jun 5 from 5:30-7:00PM @ Voigt Soccer Park, Field TBD

2009/2008 Boys – Tue, Jun 6 from 5:30-7:00PM @ Voigt Soccer Park, Field TBD

2011/2010 Girls – Wed, Jun 7 from 5:30-7:00PM @ Voigt Soccer Park, Field TBD

2009/2008 Girls – Thur, Jun 7 from 5:30-7:00PM @ Voigt Soccer Park, Field TBD
Additional Information:
What is the cost?  For current costs, contact BSA at  The fee include uniforms, WYSA-organized league play, and entry into two tournaments, one in spring and one in fall.
Who is eligible?  All U7, U8 and U9 players currently participating on a BSA recreational soccer team are invited to participate on an Academy team beginning in the fall of 2013. There is no pre-selection of players or tryouts.

How are Academy teams formed? 
All players who register for an Academy team will be evaluated by the Academy coaching staff and placed on an appropriate level team.

How many teams will there be?
  The number of teams will be determined by the number of players that register.

How often will Academy teams practice? 
BSA Academy teams will practice twice per week.

Will teams participate in tournaments? 
Academy teams will compete in one local tournament in both the fall and spring.

How do I sign up and register? 
Players will be able to register online beginning May 15, 2013.

What are the long-term benefits of playing in the Academy program?
The focus of our Academy will be on the development of well-rounded, individual players. The players’ experience in the Academy program will better prepare him/her for Select competition, which may begin at U11.  It also gives him/her the opportunity to work with, and be trained by, a qualified, licensed coach.
Additional information, including registrations costs, will be available by May 1.
Information describing accredited youth academies and their purpose can be found at:
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