About Us


Brookfield Soccer Association (BSA) is a volunteer organization dedicated to youth sports and education. We are a private, non-profit organization  with close ties to the City of Brookfield and the Elmbrook School District. Founded in 1975, with just one team of 17 players, BSA now has more than 1,000 players on both recreational and competitive teams. We field coed and girls’ teams for players, from the City of Brookfield and other surrounding communities, ages 5 through 19. BSA also has adult pick-up games throughout the summer.


Brookfield Soccer is a community-based soccer club that strives to provide its players with a quality soccer experience and a life-long love of soccer. We offer superior soccer programs for all age divisions and ability levels. These programs give players the opportunity to participate in recreational and competitive programs with high-level instruction.


These six values form the foundation of all that we do to fulfill our mission:

  • Respect – We honor the worth of all people. We are available to listen and seek to understand diverse needs, wants and perspectives. We treat others respectfully, and in return, hopt to earn their respect and trust.
  • Fun – We recognize the best in everyone’s abilities and foster an environment where success is celebrated at every level. We promote enjoyment of the game of soccer and work to create positive memories for our members.
  • Excellence – This is an attitude that drives improvement, achievement, and success.  We set and achieve high standards and we are professional in all aspects of our governing, leading, planning, managing, and delivery of customer service.
  • Integrity – We are fair, open, and consistent in our decisions. We communicate in a manner that is objective, forthright, and truthful.
  • Accountability – Our leaders are responsible to our members. We deliver on our promises.
  • Community – We are a responsible member of the City of Brookfield, and we reinforce in all our members a sense of pride and stewardship in their community.  Brookfield’s success and our success go hand in hand.

Brookfield Soccer Association